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❤ [userpic]
It's drawing near!
by ❤ (laronmi)
at November 25th, 2008 (05:03 pm)

current mood: full

Five days left not counting today! How is everyone doing? November will be quickly coming to an end sob why, and with it, NaNo 2008 will be coming to an end as well! Are you all ahead? On task? Behind? Given up? Frustrated? Just how much caffeine have you consumed so far?

I, personally, am horribly, horribly behind. I. . .barely have over 20,000 words! But I refuse to give up until December actually arrives.

thewonderelf [userpic]
Week One Word Counts
by thewonderelf (thewonderelf)
at November 11th, 2008 (07:30 pm)

current location: North Oakland
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So I totally wanted to post this yesterday, but yesterday was an awful day and I didn't get a chance.  Yes, I could go onto the forums and look at all y'all's word counts, but that is way too much effort, so reply with comments to this post and tell everyone how awesome you are! 

How far did you get by the end of the weekend?
How are are you now?

My progress after the weekend was 15,600 words, and today I'm up to 17,000 although I'm not finished for the day yet.  Not as far as I wanted to be, but I'm still right on track. =)

thewonderelf [userpic]
Nano via AIM
by thewonderelf (thewonderelf)
at November 9th, 2008 (11:37 am)
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current location: North Oakland

I also posted this over on the forums, but only one person responded so I figured I'd try here as well. 

Is anyone interested in having an AIM chat room where we could do sprints and talk about our novels?  Some of the other lj communities do this, but I thought it would be nice to do one just for us.

Let me know if you're interested, and what times you're usually on AIM.  Feel free to IM at TheRealWonderElf.  You can respond to this post with a comment.  ^__^

Lena [userpic]
Google calendar
by Lena (andthemoon)
at November 4th, 2008 (01:14 am)

So where's this magical Google calendar that tells me when meetings are? It isn't linked from the LJ and I didn't see it on the NaNo forum before it went down for maintenance.

thewonderelf [userpic]
First Weekend Word Counts
by thewonderelf (thewonderelf)
at November 2nd, 2008 (04:00 pm)

current location: North Oakland
current mood: happy

Hey everybody!

I hope everyone had fun Friday night at Eat 'n Park and this morning at Fuel.  I couldn't make it this morning =( but I'm sure you all had enough fun to cover for me too.

I thought it might be fun to post a thread every so often for everyone to post their word count progress.  So reply with a comment here and tell us how far you've gotten the first weekend.  Also please let me know if you'd like a daily word count thread, or a weekly one, or whatever.  And, is anyone interested in posting excerpts of their novels here?  We can do a weekly thread, or you can all post individually as long as you use a cut.

So let everyone know how far you got!

rain dance maggie [userpic]
Vote for the 2008 Kick Off Party!!
by rain dance maggie (lttlredcorvette)
at October 18th, 2008 (10:58 pm)

Hello all! The NaNoWriMo Kick Off Party is right around the corner, but I need your help selecting where we should hold it. The date will be Sunday, November 2 (no Steeler game until Monday night :), probably in the early afternoon. We're all spread out throughout the Pittsburgh region, but these locations were as central to as many people as I could come up with. Please select the location at which you would be most likely to be able to attend so we can get as many people at the Kick Off as possible!

Poll #1281275 2008 Kick Off Party Location!!

I would be most likely to attend the Kick Off Party if it was hosted at:

Fuel n Fuddle in Oakland
TGI Friday's at the Waterfront
Spaghetti Warehouse in the Strip District
Church Brew Works in Lawrenceville

Kate [userpic]
Possibly Helpful
by Kate (katbell)
at October 18th, 2008 (04:16 pm)

Hey, y'all. I'm a U.Pitt student attempting her first NaNo, so I figured I'd bring you something I've found helpful in planning out my novel.

An alternate way of outlining.

Most outlines are for if you know EXACTLY what you want in a story. This one is more geared towards allowing you to explore your ideas free form and is focused on generating and answering questions. It's been pretty helpful for me, so I figured some folks here might like to see it.

thewonderelf [userpic]
character in situation prompt
by thewonderelf (thewonderelf)
at October 18th, 2008 (03:01 pm)
current location: North Oakland

Feel free to keep introducing yourselves.  I figured I would try and post some writing prompts from books that I have once a week to give us all something to work on before November 1.  This exercise is short, so please post your writing responses in a comment to this post, or post it on your journal and link it in the comment. 

The exercise: character in situation

This is a character development exercise.  It's meant to help you get to know your character better, but it's not meant to wind up as part of the novel.  This is the situation: one of your characters has to attend a black tie party, but has nothing to wear.  They decide to go to Macy's, where there's a huge sale going on.  Pick only one department to put them in, because you're writing a MAXIMUM 300 words.  So, you could put your character in the shoe department to find shoes, or in the men's department, etc.  The point is to try and show us as much about your character as you can in a short space.  So, little details are important because they can convey a lot about a character in very few words.  I know a lot of you are writing fantasy or sci-fi.  Just imagine what your character would be like if she lived in this world.  Or, you could pretend they were magically transplanted to this world and wound up in Macy's.  Feel free to play around with this, but remember, the important part is you're only writing 300 words!

finding_marie [userpic]
Pittsburgh doesn't suck... all you fine people live here!
by finding_marie (finding_marie)
at October 16th, 2008 (04:43 pm)

Hey everyone, I am super excited to be doing NaNo and even more excited to be a part of the community.

My name is Jessica, I'm 21 and a student at Cal-U. This is my second NaNo, and I'm sad to say, I did not take advantage of NaNo's community last year. That's my biggest change this year.

I look forward to getting to know everyone this year, and hopefully will be seeing you at the kickoff! 


StargateDragon [userpic]
by StargateDragon (stargatedragon)
at October 13th, 2008 (06:18 am)

Well, let's see... first, my real name is Sheryl Nantus and I'm a relatively successful writer - no, I don't make enough to live on but thankfully I don't have to! Speculative fiction, RPG and fanfiction is what I usually write...

This is my second year of doing NaNoWriMo and in way of inspiration the one I did last year is actually under consideration by a small publishing company, so... get ready to write!

Originally from Canada I was seduced down here by one of your sweet-talking local boys and live in West Brownsville, not far from Cal U for those of you who know the area.

Uh... that's about it for now. Active in Second Life for those of you who are there, free short stories on my website and already got my NaNoWriMo shirt and mug, so now I'm committed! (or should be....)

BTW, found yWriter to be a GREAT resource for setting up my novel - I know it's getting down to the wire, but if you're looking for a great program (and free!) to organize your novel... take a look!

Get ready...

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